Vikingology: the Art and Science of the Viking Age


  • Episode 3: Viking Weaponry

    In this episode of Vikingology, Terri and C.J. sit down with Viking combat experts William Short and Reynir Oskarson, authors of the book Men of Terror.

  • Episode 2: Introducing the Viking Age

    Before diving into guest episodes, Terri and C.J. discuss the ins and outs of why the Viking Age began, what a Viking really was, and the current leading theories on what may have propelled forward the Viking diaspora.

  • Episode 1: Introducing the Podcast

    In this episode of Vikingology, Terri and C.J. introduce themselves and discuss why they created the podcast, as well as their vision for the future of the podcast.

Your Hosts

Terri Barnes and C.J. Adrien are both passionate about education and the Viking Age.

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