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Vikingology Podcast

The Art and Science of the Viking Age

Meet Your Podcast Hosts

Terri and C.J. are first and foremost educators passionate about the Viking Age and Viking history. Theirs was a meeting foretold in myths of old. Both are historians of Viking history, both live in the state of Oregon in the U.S., and both share the same birthday. It seemed only natural they team up for something epic.

Terri Barnes

Terri Barnes

Terri Barnes is a published historian on several aspects of the Viking Age and a professor of Viking History at PCC and PSU, as well as online at

C.J. Adrien

C.J. Adrien is a bestselling and award-winning author of Viking historical fiction novels and a published historian on the Viking invasions of Southern Brittany in France.

Your Home for All Things Related to Viking History

At Vikingology Podcast, we are dedicated to providing compelling, accurate, and relevant information about Viking history and how it relates to our modern lives. We love getting deep into the proverbial weeds on multidisciplinary topics ranging from discussing the important archeological sites to discussing why the Vikings are so popular today.

Meet Some of Our Past Guests

We have had the good fortune of having incredible guests on our show, all of them leading experts in their fields.

Dr. Judith Jesch

Dr. Judith Jesch

Professor of Viking Studies, Faculty of Arts, University of Nottingham

Dr. Jesse Byock

Dr. Jesse Byock

Archaeologist and historian, U.C.L.A. and Háskolí Íslands

Dr. Leszek Gardeła

Dr. Leszek Gardeła

Archaeologist and researcher, The National Museum of Denmark

Dr. Davide Zori

Dr. Davide Zori

Archaeologist and historian, Baylor University

Peter Konieczny, co-founder of

Peter Konieczny

Historian and co-founder of

Sigurlaugur Ingólfsson

Sig Ingólfsson

Director of operations, Árbæjarsafn Open Air House Museum

Dr. Matthew Ponesse

Dr. Matthew Ponesse

Historian, Ohio Dominican University

Men of Terror Book

William Short and Reynir Óskarson

Authors of the book Men of Terror

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Vikingology Podcast is proudly on Substack, where we are actively building a community of like-minded people who are interested in the past. We publish snippets of our episodes on Youtube and the full-length episodes on our substack page. We also post articles about Vikings in the news, keeping you up to date with the latest research and discoveries in the field.

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