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Episode 2: Introducing the Viking Age

Before diving into guest episodes, Terri and C.J. discuss the ins and outs of why the Viking Age began, what a Viking really was, and the current leading theories on what may have propelled forward the Viking diaspora.

Welcome to another episode of Vikingology: The Art and Science of the Viking Age. Join our hosts, Terri Barnes and C.J. Adrien, as they dive into the weeds of an often-theorized topic: what caused the Viking Age? As they discuss in this episode, no one root cause can explain the so-called “Viking Diaspora,” but that has not stopped historians and archeologists from trying to piece together a cohesive narrative of what might have happened. As promised, the following links will help you to expand on the topic discussed in this video:
– James H. Barrett, “What caused the Viking Age?”
Terri Barnes, “How Breaking Bad and a Renegade Economist Can Explain the Viking Age”

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